Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Show Gratitude for Books and Win 19 Signed YA Books

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Beth Revis, the author of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE is having a HUGE giveaway!

That’s right!

She’s giving away 19 Signed Books plus goodies to one lucky winner!All you have to do is is create a post in which you tell everyone the one book you are most grateful for.

Check her website for more info here>>> Beth Revis

After i first read the post, i stared at the ceiling, which i usually do when i think really hard. It made me think….One book? It’s hard to choose just one when you have a lot to choose from. But finally, i was able to select one which is…..

The Vampire Academy

by Richelle Mead

How and why did i choose this book?

I was able to narrow the selection of books into one by answering these questions.

What got me into reading? Which book got me into reading?

And the answer is Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.Vampire Academy is a great book. It may not be the best for some and it’s old by now, but this book means a lot to me. Before, i read just to pass the time, like when you are bored. So i read what i can pick up at the house: newspapers (doesn’t matter old or new), shopper’s magazine, academic books, showbiz magazines. I had 5 books i kept reading over and over again just to pass the time.

When i picked up Vampire Academy at our local bookstore, i had no idea what to do with it. If i’ll ever finish it or not. But when i started reading it, i couldn’t put it down. I felt the excitement on each pages, stayed up late at night just to finish it. It started with one book and now i have more than hundred. I discovered other authors with the same genre’s, and then discovered other genre’s and most of all i discovered other book lovers , bloggers. Interactions between authors and bloggers are the best by far. My book reading became an obsession. Now i can’t leave the house without carrying one or else i will feel like something’s missing.

Beth Revis, thank you so much for this. Grateful for making this post. You made me remember how it was before and now.Thank you to all Authors for all the books you’ve written that we all enjoy and all the book bloggers who shares the same passion!