Monday, October 10, 2011

The Black Dagger Brotherhood: Lover Awakened and Quotes


< ★★★★★ >
Rating: 5/5

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From Dark Lover, Zsadist already caught my attention. He was described as the scarred-faced, soulles brother who you should run away from or else  will tear you apart. I was intruiged. So my curiosity in unravelling the secrets behind Zsadist scarred face and his pain drove me into buying this book the same day i finished Lover Eternal.

Zsadist story was just heartbreaking. I mean the whole story was just. He was a slave in the past, and those memories keeps haunting him. It always comes back to him. He built this wall  sorrounding him, avoiding the warmth of other people. Showing only anger and his fascination in killing.
Bella was attracted to Zsadist from the very first time she met him. But Zsadist treated her coldly and tried to scare her away.

When Bella was kidnapped, Zsadist was the most restless.  In the story, it showed how  he cleaned up her house after she was taken, and went through her things, thinking about her. When they finally found her, he took care of her. He showed his soft side he never showed  to anyone. I was touched, like i wanted to cry when he sang to her when she was in pain. This soulles, scary, fearless warrior humming, singing to ease her pain.
He's obviously inlove with her. Willing to do everything for her.But his past was getting in the way. Loathing his own skin, he feels dirty, unworthy of her. Him driving her away.

I was totally satisfied with Lover Awakened. I fell in love with Zsadist. His heartbreaks and struggles to make things right, away from Bella. And i loved the ending. I didn't feel it was rushed. It took a while for Zsadist to accept himself. I felt  myself smile when he brought the piece of paper to Bella. At the same time, you will also be filled with the side stories(except for the lessers, i find myself just scanning the story) I would totally recommend this book!