Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

5 stars out of 5

A Discovery of Witches (All Souls Trilogy #1).

Don't let the thickness of this book discourage you from reading this. It's a captivating book with history and paranormal infused story.
It's pretty obvious that the author, Deborah Harkness did a lot of research for this books mentioning names dated from the Crusades and poets i've never heard of.
At first i thought this is about witches and vampires. But it's also about demons as well who either wants to gain power or just wants to understand the reason behind their creation.

In here, we are introduced to the main character, Diana Bishop, who came from a long line of powerful witches. Her parents were some of the most powerful witches ever known. Growing up, she refused to acknowledge and use her power. All she wanted to do is live a normal life away from magic.
While doing a research, she came across a bewitched manuscript called Ashmole 782 whose been lost for centuries. After that, witches, vampires and demons flocked the Bodlean Library where she'd been doing her research. She tried to ignore them but one caught her attention. The mysterious brooding handsome vampire Mathew Clermont who has an agenda of his own.

Because she grew up avoiding anything about magic, she has little knowledge about the rules and politics sorrounding witches, vampires and demons. Mathew Clermont helped her understand the importance of Ashmole 782's discovery to witches, vampires and demons. She trusted Mathew, knowing the fact the she doesn't really knew him that well. He avoids discussing anything further which reveals his past life. Except that he had lived for a very, very long time.

Together, they try discover the secrets behind Ashmmole 782, which also led to secrets sorrounding her parents death And Mathew's secrets as well.

The Romeo and Juliet romance between Mathew and Diana will give readers the love story they are craving for. Diana grew up understanding that vampires are dangerous. But her attraction to Mathew was something she couldn't ignore. She sees him as her knight in the shining armor, which proved to be true as well, protecting her from other creatures who tries to harm her to get through the manuscript. Mathew, obviously inlove with her too, tries hard not to admit it because he knew it is forbidden.

I love how Diana's character developed from being a stubborn witch who tries to refuse her power(but uses it unknowingly) to a strong woman who finally accepted her lineage and fight for what she believes, especially when she found out that her relationship with Mathew is forbidden.

Throughout the novel, you will also be introduce to side characters from the Diana, Mathew, and the demons side.

All in all this is an amazing book. It's definitely a page-turner. The ending is a total cliffhanger. Mixture of history, romance, mystery and paranormal all in one book. You will get hooked until the very last page. Too bad i have to wait until next year for the next book! Man can't wait. Too excited!