Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Black Dagger Brotherhood: Dark Lover and Quotes

read the about the rest of The Black Dagger Brotherhood series HERE .


Black Dagger Brotherhood is my very first Adult fiction book.

After reading Dark Lover, i fell inlove with the Brothers that the next time i went to the bookstore i had to buy all the remaining available of it's series. Each Brothers has their strong personality that will charm readers into falling for them. Let's start with Wrath - The Blind KIng.

WWrath as the only pure-bred vampire left on earth shoulders the responsibility of protecting his race. He lives with the the strongest fighters of their race who calls and treat themselves as Brothers. They are called the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

When one of his brother (Darius) was killed, he left his daughter named Beth who was unaware of her true identity. It's up Wrath to keep her out of danger and introduce her to the world she never knew.

Living alone as a journalist, Beth never occured to her that she is something else rather than human. She always felt different. Especially with the opposite sex. But when she met Wrath, everything she knew had changed.

And here are the quotes i loved while reading Dark Lover.